Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Limited Time Offer Script Club Membership


Debs Design Script Club Membership

This deal is valid for 1 (one) Year from the date the coupon is issued.
All my script/template pkgs will be available for you free of charge for the year upon purchasing this deal.

You must have a valid email address when you purchase this item as the coupon will be sent to the email address you use in the store.

When a new script/template package is released an email will be sent out notifying you. You can get the package free by using the coupon that is issued to you. Please keep the code as it will be the same one used for the whole year.

If the coupon is shared or used by another person or the script/template packages are shared the coupon will become null and void. Sharing of the coupon or the package itself is piracy and will not be tolerated.

Please allow up to 24 hours to have the coupon sent to you.

Thankyou for purchasing my script club membership

Any questions or concerns please email Debs Design (not the store) at
with DND SCRIPT CLUB MEMBERSHIP   in the subject line


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All my Cu4Cu products are exactly that. No need to spend money on an extra license. My terms are very liberal and here they are:
These are the may NOT'S

--do not sell/give away the script or claim as your own
--do not use the tubes/selections/patterns/
gradients etc in other projects
--do not turn it into a greyscale template and then redistribute
--No sharing of files, just because you downloaded it doesn't give you the right to share it.

--Do not repackage as greyscale and resell and do not claim as your own
--Do not turn into a script and then sell it

What you may do:
--You may colorize and use in Cu element pkgs, kits,S4H/S4O.

That's it.
Credit not necessary but always appreciated
Debs Design