Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tutorial "Summer Time Blues"

using "Summer Times Blues" by FUNKY FEVER
You can find this beautiful kit in Full and Taggers size at BUTTERFLY BLUSH DESIGNS STORE

Summer Time Blues Tutorial This tut requires a good working knowledge of PSP. This tut was written by me "Debs Design" on Sunday June 21/09 Open a 600x600 raster image. Open frame three, copy and paste as a new layer. Take your magic wand and holding down the shift key click inside all the clear spaces in the frame. Then go to selections modify and expand by 6. Open a paer, I'm using paper 2. Copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 80%. Then go to selections invert and highlighting the paper layer hit delete, then selections and none. Now move the paper layer below the frame layer on the layer pallet. Add a drop shadow to the frame layer, I used H&V 0,Opacity 40, blur 8, color black. Copy and paste the poser to the right of the frame. Duplicate this layer and mirror the image and resize by 150.Position this image inside the frame. Close off both images and the paper layer and take your magic wand and click inside the frame,go to selections modify, expand by 6 and then selections invert. Open the larger poser and highlight it and then hit delete. Now pull this layer down below the frame but on top of the paper layer. Lower the opacity to 50%. Add the above drop shadow to the poser outside the frame. Highlight raster 1 layer and then choose another paper, I used #9 copy and paste as a new layer and resize by 80% apply a mask to the paper. Now add any other elements from the kit that you like, see mine for reference. Add your name and copyright and you are finished.


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All my Cu4Cu products are exactly that. No need to spend money on an extra license. My terms are very liberal and here they are:
These are the may NOT'S

--do not sell/give away the script or claim as your own
--do not use the tubes/selections/patterns/
gradients etc in other projects
--do not turn it into a greyscale template and then redistribute
--No sharing of files, just because you downloaded it doesn't give you the right to share it.

--Do not repackage as greyscale and resell and do not claim as your own
--Do not turn into a script and then sell it

What you may do:
--You may colorize and use in Cu element pkgs, kits,S4H/S4O.

That's it.
Credit not necessary but always appreciated
Debs Design