Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pics of our new puppy

Julian has been with us 1 week today! I forgot how much time goes into housebreaking a pup, running after the little bugger every time his tail goes up LOL. I have pics of him and Karly his older half sister, who is being so patient with him! Photobucket


Your furbaby pics are wonderful! Good luck with the housebreaking!

Puzzle said...

Awwww! Deb, little Jules is the cutest!!! And it looks like he's gonna be HUGE!
I'm very happy to see that Karly (and Bill lol) has a new friend to play with.
Hugs, Puzzle

Debsydoo said...

oh wow i love your dogs. we lost our 13 year german shepherd, Puma, to cancer October last year. we then got an 11 month old in January but sadly had to have him put to sleep because after 3 months of training him he turned viscious on us and the vet said he had either a brain tumor or an anorism to suddenlky turn nasty after we had done a lot of work with him. so now we are having a break and waiting till after our holiday then we will get another.

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