Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 Things Me Me

Jay tagged me for 8 things me me: 8 Things I'm Looking Forward to: 1.warm weather 2.gardening second and third granddaughters due in July (yup twins) 4.watching new puppy grow 5.celebrating my son's birthdays in two weeks with a family get together (no not twins but birthdays are two weeks apart LOL) 6.did I mention warm weather???? 7.the weekend 8.a nice meal out with Bill 8 Things I Did Yesterday 1. put pup out to pee 2. put pup out to poo 3. put pup out to pee 4. you get the picture 5. cleaned the windows 6. finished my fuzzlee buglees 7. started a new book called "the holiday" 8. watched Lost 8 Things I wish I could do 1. go back to Australia 2. find more hours in the day 3. drive a car again 4. get some psping done tonight 5. get the rest of the house painted quickly 6. go to Port Dover for a good fish dinner 7. get a good nights sleep 8. visit with friends more often 8 Shows I watch 1.Lost 2.Desperate Housewives 3.Greys Anatomy 4.House 5.Americas Most Wanted 6.W5 7.CSI Miami 8.Holmes on Homes


Jay said...

lol at the pup bless!

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