Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Tutorial, Love Blooms

Photobucket Tutorial is wrote using PSP9 but can be done using other versions. Good knowledge of PSP is required.
Outside fileter used Alien Skin xenofex 2-constellation is optional.
Any resemblence to any other tutorial is purley coincidental. This tut was written by me on January 16/09.

Supplies needed: I am using the artwork of Jamie Kidd, which you can purchase HERE
PTU Love Blooms scrapkit which you can get here at HEAVENLY TAGGERZ or at THE CREATIVITY BOX or at UNITED SCRAPS 4 TAGGERS or at PARADISE 4 SCRAPPERS
Mask 122 from WSL

Lets begin
Open a 600 x 600 image and flood fill white.
Copy and paste paper 11 from the Love blooms kit.
Open WSL mask 122 in PSP, go to layers, new mask layer, from image. Find the mask in the drop down menu, source luminance checked and invert mask data NOT checked.On the layer pallet, highlight mask layer, right click and delete, yes, then on group, right click, merge, merge group. Rename this layer heart.
Copy and paste frame 02 and resize by 70%. Magic wand, click inside frame,go to selections, modify, expand by 4. Copy and paste paper 07, go to selections invert and highlighting the paper layer hit delete. Pull this layer below the frame layer. Once again highlight the frame layer, magic wand, click inside the frame,go to selections, modify, expand by 4. Take your tube of choice and paste as a new layer, resize as necessary. Selections invert, and sitting on the tube layer hit delete. Now pull this layer below the frame layer. Copy and paste your tube once again, resize as before and make sure this layer is above the frame layer, carefully erase the parts of the tube that you want behind the frame. Now add a drop shadow to the frame and your first tube layer. I used H & V 0, opacity 60, blur 8.
Copy and paste all three roses from the kit, resize and rotate one rose left 10 and one right 10, arrange on the lower right of the frame. Copy and paste the ribbonbow 01, resize by 50%. Carefully erase the ribbon, so only the bow remains, position on the flower stems. I duplicated the bow and placed one above and below the flower layers, and then carefully erased some of the bow so the leaves are over top of the bow.
Copy and paste heartpin from the kit, resize by 80% and rotate right 10 and place at top left of frame. Add a drop shadow. Now add your name and copyright. You can merge layers and save it at this point or you can go on to the animation.

Animation using the constellation plugin:
Duplicate the heart layer 2 times. On the original layer, constellation plugin, setting "a few small stars", check the "keep original image". On the copy of heart, same settings but hit the random seed once. On the copy of heart 2, same settings but hit the random seed once again. Close off the two copies and highlighting the heart layer,right click merge, merge visible. Copy and paste this into animation shop. Back to PSP, undo layer selection, now close off heart layer and open copy of heart, merge, merge visible, copy and paste after current frame in animation, back to PSP, undo, close off copy of heart and open copy of heart 2, merge, merge visible, copy and paste after current frame in animation. Resize image to your liking and save.
All done, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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