Monday, January 26, 2009

An award

from Sue at Sue did it tutorials . Thanks so much for this award, you do such awesome work and I'm glad you like to do tuts with my kits!!

I would like to pass this award on to Jay at Heartbeatz Creationz thanks for being such a great internet friend and letting me be part of your www ventures, hugs!


Jay said...

awwww thank u so much hunnie, and its a pleasure to have u aboard with me!

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Ebates Canada



All my Cu4Cu products are exactly that. No need to spend money on an extra license. My terms are very liberal and here they are:
These are the may NOT'S

--do not sell/give away the script or claim as your own
--do not use the tubes/selections/patterns/
gradients etc in other projects
--do not turn it into a greyscale template and then redistribute
--No sharing of files, just because you downloaded it doesn't give you the right to share it.

--Do not repackage as greyscale and resell and do not claim as your own
--Do not turn into a script and then sell it

What you may do:
--You may colorize and use in Cu element pkgs, kits,S4H/S4O.

That's it.
Credit not necessary but always appreciated
Debs Design