Monday, October 27, 2008

Well I received an award

Oh my, I want to thank Jay at Heartbeatz Creationz for giving me this award. Thanks hun. So before I pass this award on to 7 blogs, I have to name 7 things that I love. I love: 1. My two son's 2. My family 3. Bill my partner of 13yrs 4. Karly my adorable furbaby 5. My friends off and on line 6. PSP of course 7. and Cheesies lol now for 7 blogs, there are so many that I pop into but some are good friends so here goes 1.Mary at PhenomeGnome 2.Lisa at Meadowsong TagnScrap 3.Louisa at Louisa's Blog 4.Tom at Quilting and Carving 5.Wiciyela at Wiciyela Blogspot 6.Liana at Breaking Tradition 7.Shawna at Scrap Stuff with PSP


Louisa said...

A huge congrats on your award Deb. You have worked very hard at this, as you know I'm still learning the fine art of blogging so be prepared for many ?

Like how do I put a link in?


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