Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Nice To be a Penguin

This tutorial was written in PSP9 but can be adapted for any version. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. This tutorial requires a working knowledge of PSP. I'm using a great PTU scrapkit called "So nice to be a Penquin" from Heartbeatz Creations and you can purchase it HERE. She also has a smaller version of this kit for free too. Thanks Jay for this great kit! Let's get started. Open my template08 (which can be downloaded here on my blog). Shift d and close off the original. Highlight the word winter on the layer palette, go to selections, select all, float, defloat. Pick a paper from the kit, copy and paste as a new layer. Selections invert and hit delete. Selections, none. *I always delete the template layers after filling it in* For each of the circle layers use the above method using papers of your choice or coloring them. I then added a drop shadow to each of the circles and the word winter. The settings I used were: V&H 0,opacity 60, blur 8, color black. I left the white square as it is and added the above drop shadow to it. On the grey square, I did select, select all, float then defloat. I chose the penguin paper from the kit and resized it by 70%. Paste as a new layer, selections invert and then hit delete.I added a drop shadow to this as well. I copy and pasted one of the penguins from the kit and resized it by 70% and placed it ontop of the penguin paper. For the snowflake templates I colored them to match the hat and beak of the penguin. When coloring the snowflakes go to select, select all, float, then defloat. Add a new raster layer and then flood with your color, then delete the snowflake template. The drop shadow I used for the snowfakes is: H&V 1, opacity 30, blur 2 color black. Add whatever embellishments you would like from the kit, I chose the heart,daisy, and daisy charm, resize as needed. Add your name, copyright and save as a jpeg with a white background or as a png with a clear background by deleting the background layer and exporting the merged layers as a png. That's it! I hope you enjoyed this tut.


Jay said...

oh hunnie, i love it! thank you, u brought it to life!

Tom H said...

Deb, I am fasinated by what you do, but it's so far above me, I'd have have a brain transplant to even begin to understand. Your site is always fun and maybe if I try I'll learn some of this...

Tom H said...

Yesh Deb! My comment won't post! All I was sayin was how fasinated I am by your site. It's way above my level, but fun to try your stuff. Thanks..

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