Friday, November 9, 2007

Going on 10 months

of age now and growing more. I think Karly my be as high as she is going to get and now she will start to fill out! The picture was taken on the morning of her trip to the groomers. Thought I best get a pic right away after all how long can you really keep a white dog white?!

Karly is coming along well with her obedience lessons. The lunging and barking at other dogs when we are walking as stopped. The biggest challenge that remains is the lack of focus on me when we are in a group with other dogs. It has improved somewhat but more practice is needed.

I have decided to change Karly's name to Klepto. My gosh she likes to steal little treasures, socks, underwear, combs, pillows--you name she tries to steal it LOL.


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