Sunday, August 12, 2007


For the past couple of days we have noticed Karly limping. It occurs in either of the front limbs. Yesterday it was much more pronounced when she ran with some other dogs. So being the mother hen that I am we headed to the vets. I had a strong feeling that it was pano or panosteitis. Vet confirmed my suspicions and we brought home some pain medication for Karly. Panosteitis is associated with bones and growth, "growing pains". It is characterized by shifting leg lameness; one leg will heal, then another may be affected. There are no long-term ill-effects from pano. Pano is a process in which the fatty marrow inside the long bones degenerates and is replaced by bone cells. As the blood flow inside the bone becomes congested, the tissue covering the inside of the bone and the tissue covering the outside of the bone can also become affected. Eventually the new bone cells are resorbed, and the marrow is restored. This condition usually occurs in dogs between 5 and 18 months of age and shepherd's are prone to this condition. Males are usually more prone but females can be affected as they approach their first heat. Karly is now 7 months old and may soon be experiencing her first heat. Pain medication (Metacam) and limiting her exercising is the recommendation for her. This is a condition the dog will out grow as they mature and there will be no long term effects.


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