Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A drive to the Lake

Karly at 7 months.
This past weekend we took Karly on her first long distance car ride. We headed to Long Point on Lake Erie.
Took her for a stroll along the beach. She wasn't too sure what to make of the water and would back up as soon as a wave would roll in. I'm sure if we had had more time to spend at the water she would have gotten use to it. I of course forgot to bring the camera, duh.
She did really well in the car, very quiet and no car sickness this time. Poor puppy gets sick on short trips around town, probably the stop and go motion.
Karly is doing better now as far as her pano condition goes. She just needs the pain medication once in a while. We try to limit her activity, shorter walks and lots of rest. Focusing more on her commands, like sit and stay. She is at the age where she is starting to get a little defiant but repetition usually gets her back in line.


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